CRM Plus

CRM Plus drives sales force performance by allowing sales representative to track and share contacts and opportunities, manage existing accounts, as well as control information tying in Purchase decision and Purchase Order of Clients.

Accounting Support

CRM Plus Providing basic accounting functions to help monitor customers' credits and debits, as well as providing information about Outgoing and Payment client list.

Warehouse Automation

The system allows to manage tracking stocks of suppliers/customers, support multi-warehouse management based on locational structure. Managing your own internal & external locations, customers, suppliers or manufacturing inventories.

Collaborating Work

Tracking lead to order to revenue creating information flow between colleagues such as: Documentation, Contact, Opportunity, Activities.

At a glance info supporting customer needs quickly and effectively.


Managers can monitor business performance through the entire business with reporting tools on Sales Trends, Opportunity, Revenue, Cost, Cash schedule Debit, Debt recovery.